Characterisation platforms

This characterisation bench was set up in 2015 within the framework of the FUI ACCEA with the aim of identifying the electrical conductivities in DC of composite materials either with fibres (UD or woven) or with inclusions (carbon black), the main components were then the 6200 current source and the 2182A nanovoltmeter from Keithley. It has since been developed for thin film measurement (conductive paint or metal deposition by 3D manufacturing) and also extended to AC measurements using a Biologic MTZ-35 impedance analyser.

Thermal chamber with sample holder for impedance measurements (10 µHz - 35 MHz) up to 900°C NDT system with 2-axis positioning for eddy current property mapping: 250x250mm stroke, 0.1mm resolution
Resistivity measurement system "4 points" with temperature setting of samples up to 250°C Nano-ammeter - Keithley low resistance measurement

Polisher for sample preparation
IREENA's equipment and platforms were partly co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).
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